The joy of flowers (and bugs!)

Everyone who has ever held a camera has taken a photo of a flower. It’s pretty much required. The natural beauty of flowers (and the fact that they rarely move) makes them a perfect subject for photography. To me, flowers are a genuine expression of the joy and majesty of creation. So of course I have to share my flower photos…

This is the pistil of a hollyhock flower. I think it looks more like a sea anemone. Note the little balls of pollen (I think…) on the stamen (again, I think…).


Hollyhocks are similar to sunflowers in that they’re tall and happy plants that attract a lot of bugs. I love bugs.

Here’s one in flight, about to visit a sunflower.


On a different sunflower, I found this guy gal rooting around for pollen.

_MG_4098 cropped

The white lily is less exuberant than a sunflower, but it compensates with simple elegance. Here, you can see bits of pollen on the stigma – that tall, bulbous thing in the middle.


Here’s a close-up of the pollen from the stamen. I think it looks like bits of rust.


Seeing the intricacy and detail of something we deem “common” reminds me that anything can be beautiful at the right scale.


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