Stormy Symphony – remix contest

Awhile back, I participated in a music contest in which the organizers provided vocals and the entrants put them to music. My entry is below. I didn’t win, but I was pleased with my contribution.

Vocal credit goes to Caroline Kim, a person I do not know.


Skulls are neat

I love the human skull. It’s such a powerful symbol of life and death, and I like that it appears to be smiling when you strip away all the skin and muscles.

I made the image below by hiding a picture of a human skull in an audio clip. Hear the clip here: Soundcloud.

skull spectrum

The concept here is that light and sound are both waves of particles on a spectrum, so you can peg a point on the light spectrum to a point on the sound spectrum and then interpret the light as sound. The universe is a neat place.

I used the Harmor synthesizer in FL Studio, which is the software I use to make electronic music. I’ve been doing it since my freshman year of high school, and I’ve created nearly 700 pieces of music since then. Some are finished, some are only concepts, and most will never be heard by anyone because they suck.